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Health is a State of Harmony between BODY , MIND and SPIRIT

"Health is a State of Harmony between BODY, MIND & SPIRIT"

"Health is a State of Harmony between BODY, MIND & SPIRIT". A lots of things have been tried, said, propagated since COVID entered our lives and the process is still propagating without any Break. By this time almost every Digitally modern and Techno addict is a complete PHD on the subject of Corona But still the search for something more and most relevant is an endless destination. Infinite views, Hypothesis, WhatsApp theories on Mask, Sanitisation, vaccination, Isolation, Quarantine etc. are popping up every second. Even if you are following or ignoring all the day to day Guidelines on Corona, but the "Fear factor" is always dominating the subconscious mind of every individual. We can not control future things, happenings, natural disasters of pandemics etc. beyond our capabilities. On this World Health Day what we ought to do is improvise things within our capabilities, within our control.

Among all the Panics of Corona pandemic lets fix our own target of achieving a greater percentage of Health, maintaining a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • BODY : Regular exercise, Yoga, Jogging, Walking etc. for atleast 1 hour daily. Taking balanced and nutritious diet, avoiding every packed, junk food. Taking plenty of fresh water, seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables.
  • MIND : Love, Music, Dance, Entertainment, Spending leisure times with family and children, Focusing and enjoying more on things we have rather longing, Feeling depressed for things out of reach. Learning the art of "Being Contented ". Tackling problems with a positive attitude.
  • SPIRIT : Lending a helping hand to needy, Respecting the existence of every living and non living things, Raising the level of perception to attain the Higher purpose of Life.

Homoeopathy is the only medical science that heals your Body , Mind as well as Spirit. Homoeopathic medicine is a treasure in disguise to evolve you Mentally and Spiritually. On this "World Health Day " wishing you Health and Happiness through Homoeopathy ...

( Dr.D.N.Yadav, Dr. Divya Nagar, Greater Noida )