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Regular Consultation

If you decide to have homeopathy, you will have a detailed consultation. Your homeopath will ask you questions about your medical history, diet, lifestyle, emotional state, sleep patterns and personality. He or she may also examine you. You can ask any questions you might have.

Your initial consultation with a homeopath will last about 30 minuts. If you have any further consultations, these will be shorter than the first, as the homeopath will already have your background information.

At the end of the consultation your homeopath will give you a homeopathic remedy or a prescription.

This will usually be in the form of tablets but liquids, powders and homeopathic gels or creams are also used. Your homeopath will advise you how often to take the remedy.

You may only need one does of a remedy, but if you have a chronic condition, you may receive treatment for many months, with several consultations and variety of remedies.

Online Consultation

We will provide you a time slot for online consultations. Doctors will take your case thoroughly based on your totality of symptoms then after your medicine will be prepared and send throught couries on your address.


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